Видеография это просто

Videography, as a modern form of art, aimed at a voluminous flow of information for the interest of the viewer. The videographer who makes vr video — as an artist, is able to reproduce any features of the object of attention, endowing it with the necessary qualities. Modern videography technologies make it possible to create high-quality content that is able to interact with the viewer at the subconscious level, causing him the necessary experiences and reactions.

Video processing programs are very complex — first, honestly answer: how many times have you tried to figure it out?

1. They are not, they just look like that.
2. In the beginning, you only need to know a few functions. The main thing is to combine them correctly.
3. There are answers on YouTube that you might find useful.

▸ I need a team, I can’t do it myself — you’re just LAZY. There are many loners who make masterpieces — the main thing is to start and concentrate on it.
▸ It will take a very long time before I can shoot a work that I will not be ashamed to show others — if you don’t hack and do everything that is said here, you can surprise yourself.


▸ You need to develop your taste and style. Start watching high-quality video content on vimeo.com
▸ Create your own music library from the music you like and dividing it by mood (major, minor, etc.).
▸ flip through your Instagram-Fasebook + Pinterest feed profitably and save ideas for shooting.
▸ Learn to set up your camera and learn basic editing techniques.

▸ Before you start filming, answer the question:

1. What am I shooting?
2. Why am I shooting?
3. Who am I shooting for?

The answers to these questions will help you to overcome the hustle and bustle so you can, do less and get better results.

▸ See how others do it.
▸ Write yourself a list of everything that you would like to shoot and do, all plans and dreams on paper to relieve your brain and not forget anything. The video creation process should be fun, not an extra burden.

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